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Eye & Brow brushes collection

Price SAR150.00

Eye brushes collection Brushes: light weight wooden handles, with the brushes names written in silver, the hair of the brush (bristles) is pressed tightly with a silver ring (ferrule) to prevent it from falling even when it is being washed. packaging: light-weight cardboard can be used for storing or holding, and the box's top can be used as a holder as...

Eye &Face Beauty Kit

Price SAR169.00

LEF brush set (Travel size(    8 brushes in mini size. - Essential brushes for any look (4 brushes for the eyes - 4 brushes for the face( - Easy to carry due to its size. - Packaged in a small bag to protect the brushes and it can carry other products. - Wooden handle brushes convenient for use, with the brush's names on them. - The brushe's hair is...