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Primer & MakeUp Fixer

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Face Primer

Price SAR69.00

Lef Face Primer Face primer is a basic initial step before applying makeup, it prepares the skin and creates a protecting barrier from the possible damage of makeup, as it stops the makeup from filling the facial pores.Texture: silicone-like, originally it is a transparent beige product, and after it dries it becomes completely transparent, fat free,...

MakeUp Fixer (spray)

Price SAR80.00

Lef makeup setting spray Performance: it sets the makeup, allow it to last for a whole day and protects it from the heat and all the other factors that might ruin it. When it is sprayed on the face it gives it a delicate invisible layer that doesn't cause skin dryness, due to the substances it contains, that gives the face a healthy look. Capacity:...