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#أحمر_خدود_ليف #احمر_خدود #ميكاج_ليف  #ليف #براند ليف #خدود
  • #blush #blusher #LefCosmetics #LefMakeUp #Lef #cheeks
#أحمر_خدود_ليف #احمر_خدود #ميكاج_ليف  #ليف #براند ليف #خدود



-       Single blush in different formulations, including matte and glossy, soft, easy to distribute and blend in a clear and distinctive color that gives the skin a healthy and attractive appearance, with a distinctive design, it can be placed inside empty make-up boxes



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Bring out the artist that inside you, and get creative with countless finishing touches with this single powder blush.  Choose the set of colors you want and achieve what you want by mixing and mixing your favorite colors.  The unique formula of single blushes contains micro-pigments that give you an intense color while applying and spreading for a natural, long-wearing finish.  The ultra-fine powder blends into the skin making it easy to apply seamless layers for a natural result.  Available in matte, shimmering and pearly formulas, the blush single powder offers 22 different shades, giving you countless ways to enhance and define your features to achieve desired results





Choose the color suitable for your skin and the chosen look, apply a very small amount of it, one drop is sufficient for the entire area, then distribute it using the finger better than the brush

 - If you have a round face, distribute the blush under the cheekbones, so that it is done from the outside to the inside in a simple way, and this gives the face a better simplicity.

 - If you have a square face, it is preferable that the blush be placed higher than the cheekbone in the smile area in a circular way to highlight the beauty of the blush, and this contributes to showing the face in a distinct circular

 - If you have a diamond face or an inverted triangular shape, a blush is placed under the cheekbones in the direction of the ears, that is, from the inside out.

 - And women with a long face, it is better to put blush next to the ear, but taking into account reducing the amount to hide the length of the face



Available in several shades to suit different skin tones


 - If you are a light skinned person, choose light blush colors such as light pink hues so that it is not striking

 - If you are olive-skinned, choose bronze and earthy colors, and light colors give the face a pale and bad look

 - If you are black skin, orange or violet shades are the best colors that show your beauty, and stay away from any light colors