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Radiant Creamy Concealer - 39 NC

Concealer Lef - 39 NC


Lef concealer concealing dark circles around the eyes and hiding minor skin flaws that doesn't need correction.


Texture: liquid, light on the skin, easy to manipulate and blend. Contains moisturising substances that moisture the the area under the eye and gives it a natural look, it is recommended to use a sponge to spread it.

Performance: does not oxidize, it lasts for eight hours.

Shades: 10 different shades according to skin tones.

Coverage: medium, build-able.

Finish : natural, suitable for all skin types.


Last time this product was added to a cart: 01/19/2020

Conceler Lef | كونسلر ليف

Concealer Lef


Properties: unifies the color and covers dark circles, minimizes the wrinkles and blemishes around the eye, wrinkle and crack resistant and gives a natural look, easy to use, light on the skin, perfect for daily use.


How to use: spread drops of concealer around the dark circles or any area where you want to hide blemish, then blend it using a sponge.


Packaging: plastic bottle, with a soft brush at the end of a wand attached to the lid used to spread the concealer, the packaging is practical and easy to use and the brush doesn't absorb a large amount of the concealer. Capacity: (8ml).