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Best Loose Powder Banana 03 Make Up Lef Cosmetics
  • Best Loose Powder Banana 03 Make Up Lef Cosmetics
  • MakeUp Lef | Loose Powder Banana 03 | Best Loose Powder
  • Best Loose Powder Banana 03 Lef Cosmetics
  • Brand Lef Cosmetics

Loose Powder Banana Lef 03

Lef Loose Powder : light dust .. very soft with no glitter.


  • absorbs excess oil from the skin and give it a soft matte look.
  • Prevents foundation and concealer from oxidizing and keep their setting for longer periods with no coverage.
  • Hides pores and lines.
  • Does not cause under eyes lines and hides wrinkles due to its slender dust.
  • offers a light glow and highlights on some areas.

available shades:
(Banana-3): yellowesh .. Suitable for medium arab skin tone and for photo shots.


glassy circular container .. with a black cap .. a stretched out fabric is used as a filter to allow only small amounts of the powder out.
size :(15g).


Last time this product was bought: 09/22/2020