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Cream Gel Eyebrow with Brush

 Eyebrow Gel and Brush from Lef

Used for filling out brow gaps and adding a thick natural look.

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Eyebrow with Brush

How to use

How to use:

  • select the closest shade to your hair.
  •  use an eye pencil to outline your brow.
  •  use the (L121) brow brush from LEF and brush your brows to its natural side (outwards) to make them look clean and organized.
  • dip the brush in the gel and wipe it gently on the side to remove any excess gel.
  •  apply the gel gently on the brow using the same brush starting in thr middle and moving outwards.
  •  as for the front of the eyebrows.. use the (L123) brush and apply the gel then start drawing in an upward movement.
  •  after finishing up apply (Banana) shade highlights from LEF or concealer under and over the brow line to make the shape stand out and then blend using a make up brush.
  •  tightly shut the container to maintain the texture's quality. .