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Lef Eyeshadow Pigment (Silver)

Lef Eyeshadow Pigment

Used for:
It is used as the last step in the eyeshadow process to give your eyes a wonderful look and highlights the beauty of your eyes.. suitable for big events and occasions.
Texture: loose powder textured with high sparkle glitter.. its dust is soft, small and easy to blend.
Packaging: a round glass container with a cap, the bottom of the container is labeled with the color's number. capacity:(3.5 g).

How to use:
before using the pigment, apply loose powder under your eyes to catch the fallout eyeshadow and it make the fallout easy to remove. Use a finger or a brush suitable for the pigment. Wet the brush with a pigment setting product, if available, or you can wet it with water instead.
Dip the wet brush in the pigment and then spread it on your eyelids in the way you want according to your desired final look.
Softly flick your brush on the fallout eyeshadow to sweep it away from your cheeks.

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