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TIGRIS 04 | Super Shock Metallic EyeShadow

  • 32.20 SR
    شامل الضريبة
  • 40.25 SR
    شامل الضريبة
- 20%

A revolutionary eye shadow characterized by its unique texture of spongy gel is very soft, this new technology gives these shades an amazing effect that you do not find in the traditional compact eyelid shades. It has a creamy texture and a smooth flow of powder to give you a glamorous, bright and attractive look, plus a lot of depth and vitality (and lots of questions about what you're using!)

Its texture is smooth, firm and easy to blend
The color is strong and clear and does not need to use a primer

• For strong coverage - Use your fingertips and apply shade directly to the eyelid. It is also possible to use a firm flat synthetic hair brush that is ideal for strong use near the lash line
• For blending - Use a long, thin, synthetic hair brush that helps to move well, dip the tip in the shade and apply it with a movement of wiping the eyelid along the eye area for a soft, distributed look

Note: Close the eye shadow box well after you have finished using it to keep it soft for a longer period